CastNET Cashier

Give Your Guests the VIP Treatment

Touch panel control of casino cage signage

Show Them the Way

Maximize efficiency and reduce player wait times with one touch! CastNET Cashier Cage is an easy-to-use touchscreen solution for changing the digital signage messages at Cashier Cages. Displays located above each window can now be used to effectively manage wait times and prioritize preferred customers.

We Have the Touch

Using a touch panel interface, cage operators are able to easily display open and closed status along with a variety of customized messages. For example, “Chips Only” and VIP customers are able to clearly see the windows that are available to help them without waiting in line with other guests. Best of all, cage operators can learn the system in just minutes.

Features & Benefits
  • Creates clear designations for guests to choose the correct window.
  • No training required. Custom touchscreens are clearly labeled with options.
  • Easily add more displays and additional customized messages.
  • Use it to show: open/closes, chips only, player's card, coupon, VIP, and more

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