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Automatically post Jackpot wins to Social Media

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Successful Socializing

CastNET SocialView for Casinos automatically displays real time posts from your casino's Twitter or Facebook account on digital signage. Not only does it keep employees from having to double enter data with the latest updates about your casino property, it shows viewers that your casino values social media interaction. Presenting Casino SocialView posts on the gaming floor, in lobbies, and around event areas encourages guests to engage with your social media content and increase your followers and friends.

We Have the Winners

Casino SocialView has the added bonus of being able to automatically post Jackpot wins. There's no need for casino staff to track down the info and take the time to post. Casino SocialView does it all. A congratulatory message is posted to approved Facebook and Twitter accounts with the players first name, last initial, the amount they won and game they won it on. With this automated feed of winning posts, your casino consistently reminds followers that your casino is the place to play.

Features & Benefits
  • Displays multiple real-time Twitter and Facebook posts at specified internals.
  • Automatically posts Jackpot wins to a casino's Twitter or Facebook account
  • The screen layout is branded for your casino with matching colors and logos.
  • Keeps unwanted posts from being displayed using a keyword exclusion list.

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