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Touchscreen game and property wayfinding kiosks

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TouchView Wayfinding Example

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Double Down on the Guest Experience

CastNET Casino TouchVIEW is an interactive wayfinding solution that combines the visual impact of digital signage with an easy-to-use touchscreen display. Created specifically for the gaming market, CastNET Casino TouchVIEW will help your guests find the casino experience they're looking for by simply touching an on-screen map of the game floor, or by choosing from an on-screen list of games, venues, and events on your property.

More Than Maps, It's a Game Finder

CastNET Casino TouchVIEW allows your guests to easily find their favorite slot machines and games by simply touching interactive display kiosks located throughout your casino. Each display features a multi-column layout that shows each slot name along with the game’s logo. Customers can sort alphabetically by the name of the slot machine or by the slot denomination to find the particular type of game they are looking for. An animated and easy-to-understand game floor diagram clearly traces a path from their current location to where they want to go.

Features & Benefits
  • Helps your guests increase their playtime and enjoyment by providing an intuitive way of finding where they want to be.
  • Casino staff can update game floor maps using standard file formats. There's no complicated software or waiting for 3rd party development.
  • Maps can be labeled with slot machine names and casino staff can include the game’s full color logo as part of the screen layout.
  • Share the excitement throughout your casino by also showing progressive slot values and promotional messages as part of the display.

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