CastNET Jackpot

Share all the Fun & Excitement Your Casino has to Offer

Odometers with floor-wide jackpot celebrations

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CastNET Jackpot- Jackpot Celebration Example

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Create an Amazing Experience

After watching the odometers roll up and up, there's nothing quite like the experience of hitting a jackpot and creating a moment for everyone to share. CastNET Jackpot heightens the experience by interrupting standard casino screen content to display dynamic celebration animations. Since any screen on the floor can play the celebration message, the entire casino can take part in the festivities.

We Play Nice with Everyone

Unlike other odometer and jackpot signage solutions, CastNET is not tied to any specific gaming manufacturers. CastNET supports all of the most popular game systems and offers the widest compatibility for any casinos that use a mix of manufacturers. Don't get locked into one signage solution just because it's the only one that works with your games.

Features & Benefits
  • Floor-wide jackpot celebrations by screen or by zone.
  • Stunning full screen animations enhance the winning experience
  • Works with all the most popular gaming systems
  • Animated odometers roll and slide for full effect.

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