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Touchscreen property wayfinding & information kiosks

CastNET TouchView Wayfinding Example

Encourage Exploration

Today’s consumers are accustomed to finding information and directions with a few clicks of a PC or mobile device. CastNET TouchView brings that experience to large touchscreen displays with the impact and benefits of digital signage. The intuitive nature of touchscreens invites customers and visitors to find information faster and easier than traditional printed signage, keyboard kiosks, or even using an app on their smart phone.

Stay in Touch

CastNET TouchView allows your customers to easily find information or their destination by simply touching interactive displays located throughout your building, mall, or campus. Each touchscreen display can provide a customized list of offices, stores, rest rooms, exits, or other destinations alongside a dynamic map of their locations. By selecting a location from the list, the map will highlight where you are and animates a path to where you want to go. Maps zoom and scroll all using your finger to navigate.

  • Building & Campus Directories
  • Wayfinding Floor Plans & Maps
  • Company & Product Information
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Employee Information
  • Office Hours & Event Schedules
  • Promotions & Advertisements

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