We're Just a Remote Login Away

Knowing that someone, somewhere is looking after you is a nice feeling. It's even better when they're experts.

  • US - Standard Support (8am to 5pm CST) 1-877-680-9898
  • International - Standard Support (8am to 5pm CST) 1-800-397-5851
  • Email: (8am to 5pm response)

Rest Assured We Have You Covered

The CastNET Assurance program offers one of the most comprehensive support agreements in the digital signage industry. By providing both phone support and software upgrades in one package, CastNET Assurance simplifies the support process and helps to proactively update systems.


Our A-Team is Ready to Help

We’ve staffed our help desk with an experienced in-house team of experts that can answer every phone call and uses the latest ticketing support software to track any issues. They’ll work with you every step of the way to address any questions and resolve issues quickly.

Two Support Packages in One

Along with phone support, every CastNET Assurance client can take advantage of future software upgrades at no additional charge. With our remote software installation, there’s no downtime for your staff to update the system. Most importantly, your system will stay up-to-date on all the new features and performance enhancements as soon as they become available.

Our Kung Fu is Strong

While CastNET's Message Wizard allows anyone to create messages in just minutes, to get the most out of the system or become the system administrator, requires a little more training. To that end, CastNET provides "black belt" instructors for online or on-site training sessions. They are true masters of the messaging arts. (Calling them Sensei is optional)